New Partnership

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Tamarack Safety Services located in Spruce Grove to offer our clients additional services.

Services include : Drug and Alcohol Testing,  Audiometric Testing, Occupational Health Services such as Health Assessment that includes Vision and Back Fitness, Physical Fitness Screen and Spirometry (Lung Function)

Click here for more information on these services or Call their office to register 780-962-0166

Touchback Tidbits #1

New Stuff for 2020 TOUCHBACK SAFETY Inc. is happy to announce  Fall Pro recertification course starting in February. Requirement is you must have a current ( not expired ) Touchback Safety Fall Pro Ticket. Please email for further details @

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Happy New Year 2019

First, All of us at TouchBack Safety would like to extend a safe and prosperous New Year to all our clients, new and old.We have some exciting things happening this year with additional programs updates. TBS is  happy to announce we will be providing the following...

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Seasons Greating

From all of us at TouchBack Safety , We would like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. Stay focused on safety over the holidays and be careful out there!

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Holiday travels

As the Holiday Season comes upon us, for most, travel will be a good part of our activities. When you are traveling a long distance or short by vehicle, it is best practice to check the pending weather at home and at your travel destination. This will provide you with...

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Understanding the training provided

Ask yourself this question: When you send your employees for training, do you believe they will be fully qualified and have the correct certification to perform their work? If your answer is YES, please take the time to review the training materials and ask the...

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Weather should always be considered as a Risk or a Hazard

Hello, Well Mother Nature has decided to give us another chance to get ready for winter with break in the weather. Looks like we will have unseasonal temperatures and minimal precipitation over the next 10 days or so. It is important to take this into consideration...

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Touchback Safety Corporate Update

Dear Clients, Associates and Friends of Denise (Dee) Ryder and Touchback Safety. As most all of you know Denise passed away on July 20th 2018 after a long fight with cancer. It was such a great loss for us personally and she will be missed in the industry. There is...

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Weather Effects on EWP’s

With all the snow and low temperatures that we are seeing you may be asking yourself how this affects the actual EWP, but if your like most people you probably haven’t really thought about it. Most EWP's are manufactured in the US in much warmer weather, and most...

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A Message from Denise – President of Touchback Safety

One day you wake up and just don't feel right, finally you decide that after a couple of weeks you should get it checked out. You never think that it can happen to you. But all of a sudden you are hearing the words cancer. A very rare cancer, they tell you. We did all...

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Touchback Safety in 2018

Touchback Safety has always maintained integrity in safety training. You will see some updates and changes to some of our current programs this year.  2018 will be a promising year and we are pleased in the growth that we have made in the last year in order to be able...

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