As the Holiday Season comes upon us, for most, travel will be a good part of our activities. When you are traveling a long distance or short by vehicle, it is best practice to check the pending weather at home and at your travel destination. This will provide you with the best information on how to prepare for the trip.If the weather is not favourable  for travel, it is a good idea to delay or pospone the trip until the weather is better. Sometimes that may only be an hour or so for road conditions, giving the Plows and Sanders time to clear your way. 

Do not mix driving with alcohol or drugs, ever. Drive according to road conditions and your ability. If you haven’t had much experience driving on ice and snow, don’t use the busy travel time to learn. Don’t fill your vehicle up with presents like Santa’s sleigh. You need to have good visibility of things around you , in case you have to maneuver to avoid a collision.

Travel safe and have a great Holiday Season.


Touchback Safety is not participating in the Albert Health Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) for our open courses held at our facility.

Touchback will operate at the 1/3 Fire Code Capacity and follow all public health measures, which includes usage of face masks/coverings, physical distancing, and an extensive cleaning schedule.

We can offer private training for companies who are part of the REP program. Private courses will have a minimum charge. The minimum charge can vary on each training program.

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