One day you wake up and just don’t feel right, finally you decide that after a couple of weeks you should get it checked out. You never think that it can happen to you. But all of a sudden you are hearing the words cancer. A very rare cancer, they tell you. We did all the right things and that doesn’t change the outcome, but life goes on so you decide to fight like hell to live.

We go to work everyday and we never really believe that it can happen to us. Some of us have been doing this for so long and nothing has ever gone wrong…yet.

The difference with being diagnosed with cancer is you make the choice to fight and kick the shit out of it.

But when we go to work and never change the way we think, then we gave up the choice to kick the shit out of the things going wrong.

So don’t take life for granted and never believe that it can’t happen to you.

Work safe, think safe and speak up when things don’t seem right