Bucket Truck Operator Training

Length of Course : 4-6 Hours
Pre Requisite is Fall Protection Training
Certification is good for 3 years

Operator will have Instruction and hands on training with the Bucket Truck.

As well as :

  • Learn the purpose, function and basic concepts of Bucket Truck operation
  • Different types of Bucket Trucks
  • Knowledge of control functions
  • Determine Bucket Truck capacity and stability of various types of work being done
  • Pre-use inspections and maintenance
  • Hazard identification
  • Familiarize with OH&S regulation

Practical portion covers:

  • Hazard Assessment
  • Pre Operational inspection, Function Tests
  • Work Area Inspection
  • Review of the Operators Manual
  • Actual Operation of a Unit – the trainee must go through a complete series of functions until the Instructor is Confident in the Trainee’s ability to identify and operate all controls, including emergency controls.

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