Skid Steer Operator Training

Length of Course : 4-6 hours

Onsite Group classes only, call office to make arrangements

Certification Valid for 3 Years

  • Responsibilities, Manufacturers Operating Manuals, Manufacturers Requirements, Federal, Provincial Regulations, Employer and Jobsite Policies and Procedures
  • Types of Skid Steer Loaders
  • Safety Before Operation – PPE, Know Your Equipment, Safety Devices, Pre-Operation Inspections, Pre-Use Inspection, Housekeeping, Checking the Work Area, Planning Your Work, Minimum Safe Approach Distances
  • Starting and Testing – Fueling, Batteries, Watching out for Others, Mounting and Dismounting, Manufacturers Starting Procedures, Function Test.
  • Safety During Operation – Make the Right Start, Safe Operating Practices,
  • Travel Safely, Lifting and Lowering Safely, Working Safely,
  • Safe Shutdown, Transporting, Maintenance.

Practical portion of the course will cover :

  • Operators manual
  • Pre-operational Inspection
  • Function Test – Work Area Inspection
  • Actual Operation of a Unit. -The trainee must go through a complete series of functions until the instructor is confident in the trainee’s ability to identify and operate all controls, including emergency controls.

Train the Trainer is available for this program

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