Respirator Fit Testing

Quantitative FIT Testing (PortaCount Machine)

A Quantitative FIT Test measures the adequacy of a respirator’s fit by numerically measuring the amount of leakage into the respirator.

The PortaCount works by measuring the concentration of microscopic dust particles in the ambient air and then measuring the concentration of those dust particles that leak into the respirator. The ratio of these two concentrations is called the FIT Factor. The filters stop essentially all the particles so anything that gets into the mask must have come through the face seal. A Quantitative FIT Test is not affected by the person’s sense of smell, taste or sensitivity to irritant chemicals.

* Participants must be clean shaven

**Please notify us which Make and Model of mask you require for testing at time of registering

*** Cost is $50 which includes 1 mask, additional masks will be $20 per

****Call office to schedule a date and time for your Fit Test

Products available for Fit testing are:

  • 3M – Half Masks 7500,  6000 and 6500 QL series
  • 3M – Full Masks 6000 series
  • North – Half 7700 series
  • North – Full Masks 7600 series

Available for onsite, contact office to make arrangements.

Valid for 1 Year