Forklift Operator Training

Length of Course : 4-6 hours

Class 4-5 can be done at our facility if any other Forklift classifications are required we can complete it onsite, and the Forklift must be provided.

*Update – 2020 we will be offering a recertification course for this training- check back by January 31, 2020 for details or contact the office.

This course includes:

  • Familiarization with the requirements of WH & S Regulation.
  • Completing both formal instruction and hands on training under the direction of a competent, experienced trainer.
  • Operator will exhibit an awareness of the purpose, function and basic concepts of forklift operation.
  • Types and purposes of different decals associated with forklift
  • Operator will demonstrate knowledge and use of control functions
  • Operator will demonstrate a thorough understanding of forklift steering and manoeuvrability.
  • Possess an ability to adequately judge the available visibility to ensure safe operation.
  • Be able to quickly and accurately determine machine capacity and stability for various types of loads.
  • Perform machine pre-use inspection.
  • Identify the condition of the surfaces for safe operation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manipulate, stack and unstack the type of loads to be handled
  • Identify hazardous locations on the work site.
  • Be capable of safely operating on ramps and other sloped surfaces.
  • Be evaluated by the employer for safe operation under working conditions.

Train the Trainer is available for this program. 

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