Forklift Operator Training

Length of Course : 4-6 hours

Must have a valid Drivers License*

*If you do not have a valid Drivers License, you will be required to show proof of a previous Forklift Operator ticket valid within the last 3 years.

Forklift Operator Training for Classes 4 and 5 is only available at our facility. Should additional classifications be necessary, we can conduct this training at your location, provided that the forklift is supplied.

Forklifts are categorized into 7 classifications, and the practical examination must be completed on the specific class of forklift being operated.

The Blended Learning format is also available; please see the page for details. This format is perfect for workers who have prior training and experience in operating equipment. New workers to the subject matter will find Instructor Led courses more beneficial. For certification in classes other than 4 & 5, please contact the office for more information. 

This course includes:

  • Familiarization with the requirements of WH & S Regulation.
  • Completing both formal instruction and hands on training under the direction of a competent, experienced trainer.
  • Operator will exhibit an awareness of the purpose, function and basic concepts of forklift operation.
  • Types and purposes of different decals associated with forklift
  • Operator will demonstrate knowledge and use of control functions
  • Operator will demonstrate a thorough understanding of forklift steering and manoeuvrability.
  • Possess an ability to adequately judge the available visibility to ensure safe operation.
  • Be able to quickly and accurately determine machine capacity and stability for various types of loads.
  • Perform machine pre-use inspection.
  • Identify the condition of the surfaces for safe operation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manipulate, stack and unstack the type of loads to be handled
  • Identify hazardous locations on the work site.
  • Be capable of safely operating on ramps and other sloped surfaces.

Upon successful completion of this training, a certificate valid for 3 years will be issued.

Train the Trainer is available for this program.

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