Fall Protection Training

Course Length  : 6.5 Hours

Certification is valid for 3 years

2 versions available :

  1. ESC (Energy Safety Canada) – Fall Protection- which replaces the OSSA version, must have when working on the Oil Sands Sites or if affiliated with a Building Trades Union. Cost is $170.00 
  2. OHS Compliant – Fall Protection  this course was our OSSA accredited course which was phased out by ESC- it meets all OHS requirements and CSA standards Cost is $145.00

Require a BC Endorsed certificate for the OHS compliant version?

We are now offering an add on session for BC Regulations, for an additional $20.00. Just make sure to let us know when registering for your course. If registering online please add a note in the comment section.

OHS Compliant version is also Available in the Blended Learning format, see page for details. Blended learning is ideal for the worker who has had previous training. NEW workers to the subject matter will benefit more from the Instructor Led courses.

Touchback’s courses were developed to meet OH&S and Manufacturer requirements as well as ANSI and CSA standards, our Fall Protection OH&S Compliant program is the same program that was previously OSSA Accredited.

Course will cover :

  • Responsibilities, provincial regulations, employer & jobsite policies and procedures.
  • Fall Protection Planning, Hazard assessment, Elimination and Controls.
  • Different types of fall protection systems (Travel restraint & Fall Arrest).
  • Understand different types of falls i.e: slips, trips, falls from the same level, lower level, ladders, stairs, and falls from heights and into holes.
  • Various fall protection equipment- manufacturer requirements, proper inspection & maintenance.
  • Fall arrest force & clearance calculations.
  • Rescue Requirements
  • Demonstrate and choose the proper equipment for various travel restraint and fall arrest scenarios
  • Demonstrate how to perform a pre-use visual inspection of selected equipment for various travel restraint and fall arrest scenarios
  • Student observes and demonstrates proper harness donning/ doffing performed by the Instructor which includes how to adjust the harness, what constitutes a properly adjusted harness, and the body landmarks used to assess proper adjustment, doffing techniques.


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