Fall Protection Course

Full Day course

Certification is valid for 3 years

Offered in OSSA or Industrial

Course will cover :

  • Responsibilities, provincial regulations, employer & jobsite policies and procedures.
  • Fall Protection Planning, Hazard assessment, Elimination and Controls.
  • Different types of fall protection systems (Travel restraint & Fall Arrest).
  • Understand different types of falls i.e: slips, trips, falls from the same level, lower level, ladders, stairs, and falls from heights and into holes.
  • Various fall protection equipment- manufacturer requirements, proper inspection & maintenance.
  • Fall arrest force & clearance calculations.
  • Rescue Requirements
  • Demonstrate and choose the proper equipment for various travel restraint and fall arrest scenarios
  • Demonstrate how to perform a pre-use visual inspection of selected equipment for various travel restraint and fall arrest scenarios
  • Student observes and demonstrates proper harness donning/ doffing performed by the Instructor which includes how to adjust the harness, what constitutes a properly adjusted harness, and the body landmarks used to assess proper adjustment, doffing techniques;

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