Confined Space Training

Length of Course – 6 hours

Certification is valid for 3 years

2 versions available –

  1. ESC (Energy Safety Canada) – CSEM- which replaces the OSSA version, must have when working on the Oil Sands Sites or with a Union. Cost is $165.00
  2. OHS Compliant – CSTW- this course was our OSSA accredited course which was phased out by ESC- it meets all OHS requirements and CSA standards. Cost is $125.00. If you do not see this on the calendar please contact office for next available dates.

Course will cover :

  • Alberta Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) legislation pertinent to Confined Space Tending workers.
  • Confined Space/Restricted space definitions (including the classifications of Confined Space Entry Levels).
  • Hazard Assessments, safety and protection, emergency call in protocols, emergency evacuation procedures, emergency response and required rescue equipment.
  • Atmospheric testing, ventilation and purging, and inerting.
  • Entry authorization requirements/limitations, job specific communication methods, training requirements, job specific procedures and work practices.
  • Entry permit system, entry tag, signage for confined space entry, confined space monitoring, entry tracking and record retention.

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