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Offers instant results testing for 7 up to 12 different types of drugs including Fentanyl

The specimen is shipped to Dynacare in Edmonton, AB. Non-negatives are shipped to Ontario Lab for confirmation. Please note: DOT samples are shipped directly to Ontario lab. We are able to test for all drug types

TAMARACK SAFETY SERVICES employs the services of Dynacare Labs and our own Canadian Medical Review Officer

Breath Alcohol testing is best done using a portable device that determines the concentration of alcohol in a breath sample.
Breath alcohol testing generates legally defensible results to ensure that both the employer and employee’s rights are protected.
Our technicians are highly trained ,experienced and properly certified in the breathalyzer equipment we use. They understand the importance of getting an accurate result and ensure that proper procedures are followed for each and every breath alcohol test.   

Tamarack Safety Services offers both alcohol screening tests and breath alcohol confirmation tests.

Drug and alcohol test management simplified!!!  

We offer our clients access to a reporting database for their employees drug/alcohol testing results.  Results are released to the DER (Designated Employer Representative) via email. A clearance letter and clean card are then issued. This method provides the employer access to the test at any time as well as easy and convenient record keeping of results.

 Veriport is the only drug test reporting program based in Canada that follows all Canadian privacy laws in regards to the retention and distribution of private medical information.  



TAMARACK SAFETY uses the  PortaCount which works by measuring the concentration of microscopic dust particles in the ambient air and then measuring the concentration of those dust particles that leak into the respirator. The ratio of these two concentrations is called the fit factor. The filters stop essentially all the particles so anything that gets into the mask must have come through the face seal. A quantitative fit test is not affected by the person’s sense of smell, taste or sensitivity to irritant chemicals.   We keep in stock all types of masks including but not limited to:

  • North full and half Masks
  • Scott AV2000
  • Scott AV3000
  • MSA Advantage
  • 3M full and half

The individual is provided with a Fit Test card stating the make, model and size of mask (s) as well as the expiry date.

Testing is available at your site or ours, give us a call for a quote!


Hearing loss is common on Industrial work sites due to impact noise and excessive noise exposure. Hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure can sometimes be hard to detect because the hearing loss is gradual not usually recognized by the employee until their ability to communicate with others is affected. Early detection of hearing loss can be accomplished through annual testing of your workforce.

Tamarack Safety Services audiometric testing program helps employers comply with Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) legislation. We use standardized equipment and protocols and our testing is completed by certified technicians.

The individual is provided with a results card at the conclusion of the test.


“Fit to work” or “fitness to work” is a medical assessment done when an employer wishes to be sure an employee can safely do a specific job or task. The purpose is to determine if medically the employee can perform the job or task under the working conditions. Fit to work assessments are most often done to determine medical fitness after an illness or injury, but are sometimes done after employment has been offered, as requested by the employer, or as a condition of a job transfer.

The employee will be assessed by  a Tamarack Safety certified and qualified medical professional who will determine if the employee is able to do that particular job. The medical professional may consider physical or mental abilities, sensory acuity, level of skill, functional limitations, etc. The medical professional will typically only report one of three conditions back to the employer:

  • fit
  • unfit
  • or fit subject to work modifications.

An employer is allowed to ask for information from a medical professional to make sure the employee is able to work safely, and that the employee’s condition does not pose a hazard to themselves or to others.

A fit to work assessment may be done for the following reasons (but are not limited to):

There has been a significant change in the working conditions.

An employee transfers to a position where the working conditions are significantly different.

The job at work has been modified and the returning worker is still going for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, or both.

There has been a change in an employee’s health (e.g., returning to work after recovery from a serious illness or injury).

A medical condition may limit, reduce or prevent the person from performing a new or current job effectively (e.g., musculoskeletal conditions that limit mobility).

A medical condition is likely to make it unsafe to do the job (e.g., a person may unpredictably become unconscious in a hazardous situation).

A medical condition is likely to make it unsafe both for him/her self, co-workers or the public (e.g., driving is essential to the job but the person is subject to unpredictable and sudden unconsciousness, or a food product inspection by an inspector with deficient colour vision).

The medical condition may be made worse by the job (e.g., excessive physical exertion by an employee with a heart or lung disorder).

From: Public Service Occupational Health Program, Health Canada. 2015

Occupational testing services offered by Tamarack Safety in Spruce Grove


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Important Notice* Expiry Date Extension

OSSA certificates (Fall Protection, EWP, ConfinedSpace) that have expiry dates from Jan 1, 2020 to Sept 1, 2020 will be extended until Sept 1, 2020. These certificates must bear the holographic OSSA security label and may be validated with the provider that issued the certificate.

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