It can be hard for a MEWP Operator to keep up with changes to the standards and according to our industry standards they are required to be trained every 3 years, so imagine how hard it is for the Owner/Supervisor to know and understand the legal responsibilities of the MEWP when they are not required to be trained on an MEWP.  ANSI implemented mandatory training for Supervisors for MEWP’s, and even though CSA has not made this training mandatory, it just makes sense for a supervisor to understand what is required from their workers when they are working with a MEWP.

As a leader in the MEWP industry, Touchback has developed a MEWP Supervisor Responsibilities course for Free. Touchback believes that this service is much needed for the Owners/Supervisors of MEWP’s and we would like to continue to lead by example and offer this service as a courtesy.

We have sectioned off the program with the following information:

  • Section 1: Alberta OHS legislation
  • Section 2: CSA/ISO Standards
  • Section 3: Knowing your Workers Responsibilities
  • Section 4: Groups and Types of MEWP’s
  • Section 5: Facts (Incidents, OHS Fines and Penalties)