Blended Learning is now the “new way of training” for workers who have taken these courses in the past. If you are new to the subject matter then we strongly advise to take the Instructor Led courses.

All Touchback Safety Blended learning courses are OH&S Compliant and follow Manufacturer Requirements, CSA, ISO and ANSI Standards. We offer Blended Learning for Fall Protection, MEWP, Forklift and Telehandler.

Each course theory will vary in length. (approx. 2-4 hours)

The Learner can complete the online theory portion on their own time which can be from the comfort of their home or during work hours in the office. The course will be the full theory that is included in the Instructor Led courses with Touchback Instructors using video and voice overs to help comprehend the information. Once you have completed the Theory you will be prompted to contact Touchback to schedule in your Practical component with a Touchback Certified Instructor. You will complete all practical components that are included in the Instructor Led courses.

Benefits for Blended Learning for experienced workers is that it will refresh the information on the subject matter, they can go at their own speed for learning and for the practical they will be interacting with the Instructor on a more one on one level which allows the Instructor to spend more time on the practical components.

This is not offered for ESC courses, only Touchback Safety OHS Compliant courses.

If Blended Learning is not for you, then check out our course calendar for the next available Instructor Led courses.