Ask yourself this question: When you send your employees for training, do you believe they will be fully qualified and have the correct certification to perform their work?
If your answer is YES, please take the time to review the training materials and ask the training provider any related questions. You may find that the course or Training is no more than a familiarization.
There are some training programs that require the individual to be certified to perform work: First Aid, Fall Arrest and Confined Space to name a few.Many of the training programs you pay for today are basic training or a familiarization program. When it comes to equipment safety training you need to take the time to be informed on the content and the expectations.
Over time, industry evolution has turned training providers to only providing basic training programs that do little more than cover Best Practices, Familiarization and Regulatory requirements as set by the industry or for minimum training as identified by OSSA. These are all very important areas to inform the employee/student of but it does not make him or her a competent Operator. That responsibility still relies on the employer.
Here are some the areas where, we at Touchback provide additional training so the employee/student can be confident and have the qualifications set by the manufacturers to operate the equipment safely.
-Aerial Work Platforms, up to 79 Ft.
-Aerial Work platforms training, 80ft plus (client site locations only)
-Forklift training to manufacturers specifications and regulatory requirements
-Tele-handler training to manufacturers specifications and regulatory requirements

When we talk of familiarization on a mobile piece of equipment, you as an employer need to be aware that, according to the manufacturer, it is not sufficient training to operate. As per CSA Standards it is stipulated that the Operator must operate the unit in accordance with the manufacturers specifications, user’s work rules and Government regulations.

It is important that the employee or student has the tools provided to understand the requirements around specific manufacturers equipment.The responsibility still lies on the employer to provide proper training. At Touchback Safety we can help you get to your goal of having quality and informative training recognized by manufacturers for your employees.

Touchback Safety also has a Supervisor Responsibilities program that will provide your supervisors with adequate training in knowing the legislation, responsibilities, equipment safety and inspections. This program will help supervisors to identify hazards, unsafe behaviours and poor operating practises while also providing manufacturer’s specifications and general knowledge on the following mobile equipment:
-Elevated Work Platforms
If you want more information related to this, please contact our team at TouchBack Safety.